Thursday, 23 July 2020

Single Mum Dating - 43-Years Old Spanish Sugar Mummy

Single Mum Dating -43-Years-Old Spanish Sugar Mummy Wants You in Madrid. This single divorced mum of one wants to date you right away. Her name is Olguit and she stays in Calle del Espiritu Santo, Madrid. She is in dire need of a young, loving, and respectable man who will willingly love and show her what it is like to be a woman again in either a short or long-term relationship.   

Single Mum Dating - 43-Years Old Spanish Sugar Mummy

All About Olguit The 43 Years Old Single Mum Spanish Sugar Mummy 

I am a self-sufficient, financially stable independent lady with great humor sense. have a lovely and fiercely independent son of age 21-years. I am secure and happy with myself but I just want to explore a little more. 

I speak my mind often and I will never relent in telling you how I feel, irritated or happy I say as it comes. It might be attractive to some people but to some, it seems repulsive. That’s just who I am, blunt. I am very observant and very good at evaluating a person’s character, his level of intelligence, and most time am always very correct about my first impression of a person. That has always been a determining factor after my divorce. A girl has to guard her emotions against all this preys that disguises as angels in male attire, please don’t blame me without understanding first.  

I cherish my moments with great artworks, beautiful nature, designs, words, actions, people, and nature. I enjoy my outer activities as if it’s the last opportunity I will ever have, that’s to tell you how those times are very important for me. I travel a lot, that I can’t seem to stop but if you are there, I will love the company on my next adventure. The ability to see other people’s cultures and learn their languages makes me embrace life in a different dimension. The taste of new food, drinks (soft drinks) remains some of the key moments during my traveling adventures.                                      

The Type of Men She Is Interested In 

Hey, I plan to share the remainder of my life with a man who is compassionate enough to start life afresh with me A man that could be referred to as a professional in women matters. A man that isn’t arrogant, short temper, disrespectful, and secretive. I need a man of high integrity, joyful, and curious to take note of my mode swings. Can I find this kind of man on the surface of this earth? 

If you are that man and you are interested in me, then all you have to do is to make your intentions known by dropping your contact or comment below in the contact form of this site. I will reach out to suitable profiles, but remember I don’t need another disaster if you are! please just ignore this message and move on. 

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