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Ill Behavioral Patterns That Negatively Impact on Dating Relationship

To both Sugar mummies and all the rich sugar mummy/cougars' seekers, many behavioral patterns need to be eliminated for partners to have a healthy relationship. The greatest mystery of a relationship is how quickly love can decide to dwindle and how a once-friendly happy romantic relationship can disintegrate so suddenly.  

Ill Behavioral Patterns That Negatively Impact on Dating Relationship

In my lifetime I have seen great partners’ loss passion, adorations, and those enticing features which add spices to a great flamboyant and colorful relationship.  

The behavioral pattern from the psychologist's point of view is the act of making clear or explaining a belief pattern formed by couples often referred to as a fantasy bond.  

The research which was carried out by testing the behavioral pattern of partners in long-term relationships and those of their counterparts in short term relationships was noticed that couples in long-term relationships replaced reality in fantasy living by putting forms over substances thereby obstructing the sequences of relationship.

The fantasy concept is being triggered by the withdrawal syndrome and oftentimes results in partners fantasizing about the ideal relationship presuming that they are in one but existing only in their thoughts. The worst case is when it has degenerated to a point where the couples rarely observe any sort of loving behavior between themselves.  

The beginning of all relationships is always explosive, the ease of expressing and giving information to one another is higher but with time and as a result of true feelings suddenly surfacing and real characters constantly being exercised, fear of becoming vulnerable to the partner creeps in thereby shutting off and erecting barriers in communication. 

It is very important to know that couples can be able to analyze this fantasy behavior patterns in their lifestyles and can be able to relatively truncate its growth by realizing and confronting the issue constantly communicating thoughts and ideas always to themselves. 

What Are Disrespectful Behavior In A Relationship

They are enormous numbers of them, however, the essence of respect is that of honoring a person's point of view and feelings. Below are some of those ill behaviors.

Inability to be Open-minded. 

Fantasizing often time establishes scenarios where individuals' partners are reluctant to dialogue or see the need to. Many couples due to fantasy have lost patient and compromising technique of communicating ideas and these have been replaced with anger and defensive approaches which can shut effective communication and often leads to relationship suffering.  

Being redressed and resorting to options like shouting, or showing lack of commitment further deprives the relationship of true connection and according to research, this represents an extreme case of living in a fantasy world where one envisions the ideal and presumed it obtainable without trials. In all kinds of relationships, communication is very vital and how this is done during every intense argument matters a lot.  

A lukewarm attitude, excessive silence during conflicts is a clear indication of pending troubles, a partner should be able to detect these various swings in mode and timely probe to find a befitting solution. Most time it is even less stressful saying our minds in any given situation rather than keeping our view and die in silence. Partners should be able to encourage themselves through challenges by openly talking about their differences instead of living in assumption. 

Rigidity to New Experiences 

As a result of developing a fantasy bond, many partners have developed lukewarm attitudes towards exploring and experiencing life. New relationships should mean new ways of doing things, new concepts, new ideas, and experiences but because of the fantasy mindset, a partner is reluctant and detached in experiencing life and most times see it as a burden. 

We should be able to act and do what makes us happy at all-time which is the only way we can live longer and happier in our relationships. Research shows how closely related happiness is to longevity and the statistics are quite huge so, choose to be happy rather than waste away in bitterness.  

Lack of Honesty and Integrity 

We are all victims of always saying what we don’t mean at one point in our life but we should make it a duty to always be truthful to our words and be accountable to ourselves at all times. An unwavering lifestyle is very deceitful and betrays trust in a relationship, bearing your true self secure your partner the opportunity of not being misguided and truly knowing you for who you are. In other to create a good and healthy relationship one must make sure that his words and actions align. 

What Causes Toxic Relationship

The above-enumerated characters are majorly what causes toxic relationships. If you broaden them further you find their roots being entangled with either one or more of them.

What I A Toxic Relationship

This is a relationship constantly being fill with toxic and irritating or obnoxious emotional and infrequent characters damaging to their partner. Such characteristics are mostly exhibited due to insecurity, dominance, and control which most times are unnecessary.

Many of the advertised rich single sugar mummies on this site are either victims of all or some of these behavioral patterns; now they've realized their current situation and are willing to forge a new life pattern with willing and honest single boys. 

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