Wednesday, 1 April 2020

No Age Restriction For Love! 30+ US Sugar Mummy Needs Love

This massive shutdown in the system has proven to be a great opportunity for sugar mammas to get entangled with a companion. The big question is, why is this lockdown period a safe opportunity to spent time with love once, family, and a close friend or most interestingly spending time with a potential soul mate? 

No Age Restriction For Love! 30+ US Sugar Mummy Needs Love

A rare opportunity in the human race history which most persons are keen on taking advantage of the happenings around us and reaffirm or build a concrete relationship with a specific individual (Sugar boy/man). Many sugar mammas are willingly dishing their lonely lifestyle and getting committed in a relationship for companionship and fruitful future.

In line with that, this American sugar momma has contacted our sugar mummy website to help her get a lively and funny man.  She is age 43, living in Washington D.C The USA. Are you a young energetic guy/man? This sugar mamma is willing to spoil you and give you the fun of your life this period. 

From This Sugar Mummy in Washington D.C

I am Blasian by name, age 43, Asian black, a divorcee with no kid, and longing to enter into a long-term relationship.

I have a very strong personality (so I'm told). I’m not a mean person but just secure in my skin and always very able to handle my business which brings a certain level of assertiveness.

I'm a sarcastic person and I love smiling. I have a great sense of humor though silly at times but respectful. I am well-traveled and spontaneous with a sound mind. I have a couple of college degrees so I guess that implies I have some level of intelligence. I will apologize if proven I'm wrong you in any way. I love being female, being a woman with cute looking outfits, nice nails, pedicure, heels, etc is my thing. and very much loves everything about a manly man, however, I'm a glammed-up tomboy. I can be ready in 30 min or less but prefer more advance noticed.

My interests are broad. From enjoying happy hour in social events to sporting events shopping and even traveling (planned or spontaneous pack a bag and let’s go). I make a conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle by hiking often to stay fit, going to see movies, dining, or doing absolutely nothing but just relaxing at home.

This Sugar Mamma's Man of Interest

Disclaimer: I'm not interested in married/ separated men, drug users, smokers, drama. Not interested in support anyone right now.

I’m very attracted to a manly man who is respectful, chivalrous, has his life together, a man with an upbeat personality, good substance, and fun to be around. I want to feel like the woman when I with you. If you don't understand that statement then you're not a good fit for me. Prefer tall, over 6' but open to those shorter. At the end of the day, it's how we complement and treat each other.

Establishing trust, friendship, mutual interest, and attraction are very important. I'd like to develop a long-term relationship not wasting my time with uncertain people.

Time is valuable as such I'm not interested in endless text/messages. Please be willing to have phone conversations shortly after initial mutual interest and willing to meet within a few weeks if conversations are going well. If you're honest, respectful, secure in your manhood, you may see the true kind, thoughtful, compassionate side of my personality.

In a nutshell, before contacting me please know what you want in life and the purpose of being on this site. If your lifestyle or goals don't align with my summary, respect my wishes by moving on.

Hey! You’ve heard it all from the sugar momma herself, where are the young manly boys/men? This is a great opportunity to come on explore it right away and good luck. You can drop your profile on the contact us page including your number or a functional email address and you will get hookup. Is that simple!

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