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Hey Sugar Mummy and Single boys, Is It Love or lust You Are Feeling?

Am I a tool or an object of pleasure? The human drive for sex is so erratic and so spontaneous that scientific studies have tried on several articles to pinpoint the drivers of the sexual emotions and in all, none can clearly describe what goes on in the human mind while having those sexual urges. 

Most interesting to us in this article is the post-sexual emotional activities. Most at times spontaneous interest in physical intimacy drives many so crazy that their thinking ability isn’t so coordinated and most especially when such individuals might be having a prolonged crush for each other.

Relationship Database Dating Rules For Love And Lust

Hey Sugar Mummy and Single boys, Is It Love or lust You Are Feeling?

Such a level of urge or drives can lure you into regrettable acts without specific answers to intricate questions like; Does my rich sugar mummy or single boy do love me or he or she is just using me as a tool? This entire question is triggered by our hormones and guilty conscience likewise. For such reason, you may have to properly differentiate your feeling, from either lust or love to avoid further confusion 

The Love Vs Lust Psychology

Lust has to do with a strong desire for physical intimacy with someone, the whole sexual chemistry can get you extra confusion. Though many have subjected the definition of healthy sugar mummy connection to being an active sexual affair which is not entirely true. Though keeping a healthy sugar mummy hookup connection involves more physical intimacy, that doesn't mean the relationship is all about sex. 
However, for the couple (rich sugar mummy, rich single ladies, and sugar boy) to get bonded, sexual intimacy is required but such individuals should know how safe they are in such a relationship; for which direction such a relationship is heading and the function/benefit of such relationship. 
Clear signals are always there to tell whether your sugar mummy meet is lusting after you or genuinely in love with you. Such signals differ in their mode of expression in various individuals, but for you to be certain of what you are seeing, one must be bold enough to ask questions and also be observant. In such a case, body language will certainly give you a better clue more than words. 
Do you observe your sugar mummy or sugar boy always feeling uneasy after physical intimacy? Medical researches show that the body secrets certain hormones which always makes the human body feel really good, also slowly making the body aware of the impending romance and gradually adjusting. Those neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin are the feel-good hormones. These hormones are the cause of vulnerable feelings after sex and the feeling of cuddling is also being associated with it which makes most people so insecure after sex. 
These hormones are also recorded to help the couple bond granting the awareness of security. Meaning, if such an individual is in love there is a possibility of staying longer to have a little chat much after physical intimacy. Such a move is known to be reassuring in any healthy relationship and if otherwise, it is then a clear show of lust. 
Also, the most outstanding evidence is found in the aspect of the conversation. If you always notice that the majority of your conversation always leads straight to physical passion after which nothing else seems achievable; you can’t seem to find a common ground to relate functionally apart from sexual intimacy, this is lust at its best. 
Studies show that every romantic sugar mummy connection with beautiful rich single ladies has to do with two different individuals from different backgrounds. Each of those backgrounds has its way of affecting either positively or negatively. Our different goals and drives are the hinge on this also, hence the need to align and agree by finding a common ground for a successful relationship is inevitable. 
For there to be any form of alliances, and for the two parties to be on the same page there should be a form of compatibility, a common ground for both to coexist. The unavailability of such a vital ingredient in a romantic relationship will make the association just a funfair. 
In other cases, certain individuals turn to feel the need of leaving every other thing of value just to please the other person. In the above case, it is a sure act of lust. Everything about you must never be on a standstill because you are in love, but there should certainly be a way of harmonizing all aspects of your life together for a better whole. Realistically all part of your life feels alive and actively working to full capacity if you are in love. 
Communication is mandatory for any fruitful relationship; one must make it a point of duty to effectively monitor his/ her communication life. Value is certainly attached to something of worth and importance. The more valuable you are to a person the more constant the desire to reach and have a nice conversation. Notification of calls just for the mere fact of sexual arousing is a clear indication of lust. 

Is Lust Stronger Than Love?

There is a great possibility of lust in a relationship to graduate into love but It all depends on the sugar momma and the sugar boy. Lust is quite powerful and much more powerful enough to conquer love.  Remember our choices will always define our goals. 

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