Monday, 18 May 2020

Why Some Single Men and Sugar Mummies Are Unable To Find Love

Many persons have a different perspective and diver’s way they understand the word love. Each individual’s perception of love is formed from the happenings and experiences around that person.  
Even with all the numerous social networking apps and various internet connections, many still are unable to get socialized. Hence loneliness due to the inability to get a suitable partner has become a widespread plague in our society. 

Why Some Single Men and Sugar Mummies Are Unable To Find Love

Some of the reasons most adults are unable to find partners are as follow; 

Ones Thought of An Ideal Relationship 

Many adults as a result of movies and books have this creative idea of their ideal partner which only exists in their mind. They live every day fantasizing and trying so hard to meet the Mr. or Mrs. perfect that doesn't exist anywhere else but only in their minds and on the pages of their storybooks.  
This kind of attitude makes a person place their standards for a partner so high up that they are unable to find anyone that can match such standard is frustrating. 

Unforgiving Spirit 

There is bound to be a misunderstanding in any relationship as long as it involves humans. Every individual should also be prepared for hurt, and as much as we are anticipating them the impact will pacify a bit. 

Getting hurt is a normal thing and the reasons for such infringements will help you bound better. Your ability to manage the situation well, and possibly sort the best way to constantly do that is the only way you can let go of the hurt itself. This actually will in-turn help improve you as a person. 

Carrying grudges as a result of hurt kills the soul and saps away so much useful energy. You should be able to avoid such un-forgiveness by all means. If left unresolved there is bound to be catastrophic. 

Some Persons Are Not Just Ready for A Relationship 

Many adults have so many activities going on in their lives such that commitment to any relationship will not be there. As a result of that, the time to be spent in actualizing a relationship is being channeled into doing other things.  

The relationship is a deliberate effort and time-consuming affair which initially one should be able to nurse it, groom it to perfection before he or she can ever think of enjoying it.  

It is the conscious commitment that will yield the necessary outcome, so your effort will be determined by your outcome. Commitment is both physical and emotional hence anyone emotionally impaired most have time to himself or herself to heal completely before venturing into any form of relationship, if not! doom is on its way.  

An uncommitted heart is never wise to commune within a relationship. 


“show me the way you treat others and I will tell you who you are”, many are so wallop in self-righteousness so much that they are gods unto themselves every other person around them is nothing and they simply have no equal.  

This ideology is so one-sided that when it takes a toll on anyone, it simply leaves them marked as selfish and selfishness is bad for a relationship. Everything must never end and start with you.  

It is quite a boring situation when only one person gains always in a relationship; a time definitely will come when the other person will realize what is happening and revolt is inevitable because that’s how we are wired.  

One should learn to be accommodative and be able to treat another person well. Irrespective of your social standing, remembering always that we're all humans with our emotions, hence we should learn to treat others the way we also want to be treated. 

Privacy or Being Left Alone 

Every individual has the right to his/her privacy and has the absolute liberty of communicating such selectively. The right to be left alone at any point in time for such an individual to reminisce on any particular issue or issue is very vital. 

One should never be pressured into making decisions without critically weighing the various options, the liberty to do so should be fully granted. Even though pressuring can help in achieving our goals we should be able to relegate it as the last option if necessary, to achieve such goals.  

So, to be able to find love in any romantic relationship every single man and the sugar momma should be able to prioritize the above reasons. The greatest symbol of Love is GOD, so if you think of cheating your way into love then you should remember, you can't cheat God. Make it right with him first and everything becomes easier. 

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